Hello world!

goodbye OttawaThis is my first posting as I prepare for my travel to Iqaluit. Packing, weighing and unpacking storage boxes and luggage all in the pursuit of having enough stuff. How much stuff is enough? Well enough to fill four luggage pieces with up to but not exceeding 70 lbs each.That would be a great authentic learning task.You are on a     mission to the North and you know that you are entering a food desert but that it can also be very cold, rainy and can have lots of bugs when warm. What do you pack and how will you make the most of your 70 lbs. Another detail that I haven’t mentioned is that my amazingly well organized husband had the movers pack the only scale that we have at home. Some creativity- asking friends if we could borrow a scale but none have scales- I guess that is a good thing as one should notice when the muffin top is taking over real estate above your waist and who needs that rubbed in their face with a scale?! In the end we ended up using…should I make you wait??? no..using the Wii fit scale. I did have a few sleepless nights wondering about the accuracy of such a scale which is more intent on your balance than your actual weight.

The sheer silliness of this situation came when the taxi driver left me at the airport with my four pieces of luggage on two carts and two large carry-ons to make my way into the terminal. Here I was pushing two carts weighing around 280 lbs. together as well as my two bags. It must have been a funny site! In fact I remember laughing because crying would have been so embarrassing!


10 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Esther : ) enjoyed the pics and the stories, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, but market season hasn’t ended yet : )
    ps. what is the temperature there ?


    • Hi Karen, The temperature ranges between highs of 1- 5 degrees to lows of 0- -9. There is frost at times in the morning but it is really about the wind. If the wind is blowing you can be assured that it will be cooler (like Portage and Main), or the fields we used to cross with our loaded backpacks and violins during the cold Winters in the ‘Peg’.


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