Iqaluit from the air

I arrived in Iqaluit last Thursday and the header background is the city of Iqaluit from the air. I think it is actually much larger but as it is so spread out it is somewhat difficult to get everything on a photo. Thanks to the two people sitting next to me who graciously took the photos as I had an aisle seat. : )

The flight was very interesting. Three hours with no entertainment system- what would our students do??? How about you?? Many had along their devices and played merrily away for most of the trip. For many others it was a time to catch up and learn about their vacation in the big city. One thing for certain I could tell that was headed to a smaller community a bit like ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows your name or at least that you are a ‘newbie’.

They had three choices for lunch which was a large and delicious lunch. It was a bit awkward when they mentioned that there were over 20 standby passengers and that they would have to see if there was enough food for all of them. The girl next to me had been back to the airport in Ottawa for four times and was so happy that she finally got on the fifth try as she was on her way home. So there I sat and she did not get any food but at least she was allowed something to drink. (Whew!)website photo

This is my new motto and approach to change! I found this great t-shirt at Reitman’s ………knew I had to wear it at the outset of my journey.

Wear it and be the change, I thought.


4 thoughts on “Iqaluit from the air

  1. “Welcome” to Iqaluit! You’re in for a whole new world of delights and adventure.

    When I first arrived in 1993, the population was about 3,100 people. I understand it’s now around 8,000. Back then it literally was the place where everyone knew your name.

    Have fun, and I’m looking forward to following your blog.




    • Thanks Stephen.

      We are really enjoying the pace of life. Here we can really put the work/life balance into perspective.

      We love the long walks on the tundra and taking in the beautiful colors. It is so amazing to see perseverance of the tiny plants and flowers which continue to grow regardless of the conditions (limited soil, sun, warm weather).
      Thank you again for your comments.


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