Hudson Bay buildings by the ‘beach’ in Apex

Hudson Bay buildingsIMG_2009 at original location in Apex; .. the first and original settlement Hudson Bay building

Sand beach and sea weed – not only in Jamaica baby! No, we hardy Nunavummiut (people living in Nunavut) have it, too.sandy beach


Fresh veggies !!!

Here is the loot!

Here is the loot!

Stir fry with the veggies.

            Stir fry with the veggies.                                

Next steps: Work on food photography as the dish tasted amazing but the photo doesn’t do it justice. : (

Saturday, there was a market from Quebec sponsored by Carrefour in Iqaluit. We stood in line for over an hour, lined up at the back entrance of Nakusuk school, but with friends and a good sense of humor the time passed so quickly that I doubted my watch was working correctly. By the time we got close to the food, we were so excited. It is sort of strange but the sight of fresh vegetables can do that to me now! Here is a photo of what we bought for approximately 45$. The next photo below shows how we used it in our stir-fry, delicious!!!

Beautiful skies and snow dusted mountains

 the snow brings out the elevations of the mountains

Here are some photos of the mountains on the other side of the bay which are now covered in a light dusting of snow. With the snow covering the height of them is more defined. Too bad that it is difficult to get the lighting just right, as the sun’s rays were peering through the clouds but the rock in front of us is so black.

IWe tried really hard so if you can try to imagine …the sun’s rays shining down on the mountains, the stillness of the water in the bay and the sheer magnitude of distance and beauty that exists even though at times it looks like the planet mars.


We headed for the eastern community of Apex to get rewarded with the epic view below:

Pnorama at Apex beach

Taxis in Iqaluit

A teacher colleague was telling us about her experience taking the taxi, as we have our own SUV and never need a taxi. A ride anywhere in Iqaluit costs around 8 dollars. It doesn’t matter if you are going next door or to the other side of town. As well, if there are other people along the route who need a taxi ride… well, they’ll pick them up too because that is the nice thing to do but don’t expect to pay less. Her favorite thing about the taxi rides is saying where she would like to go, especially if that means that she can say home which is on the Road to Nowhere. The driver will let his dispatch know that “he is going Nowhere”… too funny! I have started to say that I live on the Road to Nowhere …. going somewhere – I hope! : )


Some pics of icebergs in the harbor in August

When the tide goes out there are these huge pieces of ice left. Almost as if they have been planted there.

When the tide goes out there are these huge pieces of ice left. Almost as if they have been planted there.

more icebergs

more icebergs

Upon our descent to Iqaluit the person next to me in the plane said “Look at all the ‘icies’ in the bay” Indeed there were lots of mini ice bergs all different sizes and shapes. I was amazed by the white and the blue of them which reminded me of the glaciers in western Canada and the trip we took to Alaska.

Here are several pics of them. I hope you enjoy thinking of what they remind you. About a week after I arrived, we had wind from the south which pushed the ice bergs out of the harbour. Most of them are gone but I know they will return soon.two 'swans' icebergs August 2015 Don’t they look like swans??


Green grass and ice bergs????

Our first ‘almost’ snow day

Our first ‘snowstorm’!

Monday afternoon the students were abuzz with ‘It’s going to be a snow day tomorrow!” I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t excited. Pajamas, hot chocolate, my favorite person and a hard drive full of movies- what’s not to like??

In Iqaluit you will actually get fined if you are found driving in dangerous (snow storm) conditions. I think that council just passed it and it would cost you a whopping 350$ from what I have been told. So bring on the snow days and help me to be a law abiding citizen who lounges on the couch. As for the peanut gallery that says I don’t know how to relax- I’m really trying hard to work on just chilling. : )

The winds were strong (even for a girl who grew up in Winnipeg- you must have heard about the corner of Portage and Main.) Walking home I had freezing rain pelting my face, slush everywhere and a wind that almost pushed me off the road. I either have to eat more or wear weights!

Here is a photo of the snow. The snow falls in strips somewhat similar to rain in Ottawa. You can see it in the distance but instead of being grey as it is for rain, it is white. I will try to get a better photo to post but at least you can see the white snow covering the ground. It’s official we got snow! Difficult to believe that it was 25 degrees in Ottawa.

Copy of IMG_20150922_155841

Mass community registration

inukshuk high schoolInuksuk High School, Iqaluit

Saturday was the big community sign-up for activities at the High school. There are lots of activities to do considering the size of the community. I have heard from others that it is best to get involved as it makes the time pass, especially the long cold days of winter! As a side you can make some lifelong friends and memories in the process.

The cafeteria, TISI (common meeting area) and gym were full of groups looking for participants. I would hazard a guess to say there were over 50 tables set up from yoga, dance, music society, cadets, Tai chi, hockey, curling, soccer, Moms and tots, Food bank, Soup Kitchen, badminton, and tons more.

We decided not to over-commit ourselves as it is our first venture into the unknown! : ) We signed-up for the help line and the yoga studio and separately for the cadet league and community choir. It should have us out for at least two nights of the week. The calendar is filling up!!!

Every Saturday at the Fire hall there are car wash fundraisers for different groups in the city.  A side note is that there is no other car wash in Iqaluit. This Saturday the grade twelve class was raising funds for their graduation. Each car wash costs 20$ but it goes to a good cause. Some of the students recognized me and suddenly my car window received the royal ‘fire hose’ treatment!

firehall car washFire hall car wash

Learning day by day

Last week I was helping a student with math. He needed some support to continue the math problem. I asked him the steps he took and what he thought he needed to do. He is a quiet student and pointed to the numbers on the page as he explained what he did to solve the problem. I could see where he needed some explanation and pointed out the next steps to solving the problem. Thereafter I asked him if he understood… and I waited  and asked again and I waited … until Eureka!!! I understood that he was raising his eyebrows which means “yes!”

It sounds so small but I was so excited to understand his form of communication, albeit it took me a while but now I will be aware and respect that at times we don’t need to fill our world with noise.

An evening walk in Iqaluit

hill overlooking the harbour August 2015

The start of our walk. It is difficult to show the incline of terrain but for this born Prairie girl it is like being in the mountains.

Here are some photos that we took on our walk to the harbor which was a good 25 minutes downhill. Needless to say the way back was uphill (my new thigh master!)  and took longer. We are truly enjoying the rugged beauty of the north and the simplicity of life.

twilight and the harbour 2015

Twilight approaching dusk with the mini icebergs in the harbor.

sunset at the harbour August 2015

I thought that the sky was so beautiful in this photo. Almost like the heaven’s gate is touching the tops of the mountains in the background.