The days are getting shorter…


The sun rises around 7:50 am,  as we head to work and sets by around 2:30 pm. Soon we will be arriving at work before the sun rises and leaving after it has set. : (  We have taken out the ‘blue light’ and have it on while eating breakfast in hopes that we can ‘trick’ our brains. So far when I look out in the afternoon and see that it is already dark my brain begins to measure the time. Hence, by 7 pm. my brain thinks it must be time to go to bed (around 5 hours after the sun sets). Interesting how the our bodies and minds are influenced by the sun/moon cycle.daylight sunset


In celebration of National donut day (November 5th)

fried bannock

fried bannock

Yesterday I had fried bannock for the first time. I have not yet met a bannock that I didn’t like but fried just brings it to the next level. Here is my first attempt at making fried bannock coated in cinnamon and sugar, as there is no sugar in the dough. All I can say is yum!