My first taste of country food

Last week, I was invited to partake in a feast of country food. There was arctic char, whale blubber (beluga), caribou and whale intestines. Did I mention that they were all frozen and raw?

I tried everything except the whale intestines which I think one needs to grow up with in order to appreciate.

The whale blubber ‘muktuk’ as it is called in Inuktitut, was chewy but dipped in soya sauce which the Inuit use to flavor raw fish,  interesting to taste. One of the people said now that you tried whale, they won’t let you back into Marineland, as the whales will know!

I also had lots of arctic char which is basically sashimi but with a lighter flavor. Delicious!

The caribou was interesting but I was somewhat leery of my body’s reaction to raw meat, so I tried a few pieces and was grateful to them for sharing with me.

There was also delicious bannock available and fresh cooked clams which they harvested in the bay.

It was a new experience for me and I felt so honored to be invited and experience the new food.