Citizenship ceremony in Iqaluit

Yesterday I went to a citizenship ceremony at the Service Canada building. I was joining with my friends from the community choir of which I am a part, to sing for another member who had just passed her citizenship test.

As many of the buildings are not clearly marked and addresses are meaningless. The addresses are based on which order the houses/homes/dwellings were built. This means that you could have building number 6 beside building number 157 or 2008. It is interesting, as the directions I was given to find the building were- it’s across from where you get your liquor license. Not very helpful as I have not purchased a liquor license and it makes me somewhat worried about the alcohol consumption by the other members of the choir. : )

I made it to the building and after the presentation of the certificates to 25 new Canadians, we all joined in song in singing our National Anthem. It was an amazing experience, as our representative senator  Dennis Patterson wearing a seal skin vest spoke to the assembled people. Lieutenant governor Nellie Kusugak  also had interesting stories to tell of people who came up to Nunavut and stayed to become Canadian citizens and also family members. The ceremony took place mostly in English and French with a few words in Inuktitut.

citizenship ceremony 2citizenship ceremony 3

Wouldn’t be Canada it there weren’t any Mounties.


Sealift containers

The another ship arrived(the second last of the season) two weeks ago. They had a large load of sealift crates  which one can contain in many cases large Costco orders. Items such as laundry detergent, tires, toilet paper, pet supplies, canned goods and loads of pop are popular items to order and have shipped, as the combined costs do not come close to the costs in the stores in Iqaluit.

For instance…a package of bacon costs approximately $15.00 and a large coffee creamer $19.96 (Ottawa price around $5.50). A dozen cans of coke can cost up to $26.00. Most things I can live without as they are not on my list of good staple foods, however one starts to miss things  when they are not readily available with cost being a big factor. May sound crazy but it’s true. All of a sudden I’m craving rum and coke- go figure!                                                                                                                                              IMG_2082sealift crate being moved

Starbucks in Iqaluit- not really roughing it anymore!!

Can you believe that we have a Starbucks in Iqaluit? Yes we do! Our Starbucks is on the Plateau which is where some of the ‘posh’ people live but it’s always an adventure to see how the other side of town lives. They have to climb and descend the most difficult to hill in town to get home. It is the ultimate in workout hills and I am glad we don’t have to tackle this hill in the winter (unless we really need Starbucks), as I have heard that it is very challenging. Why would anyone build a road with such a steep and straight incline where one has winter weather for such a long time during the year? I mentioned to a teacher at the High school, that it would be fun to test out a GT racer going down the hill, as the High school is almost at the bottom of the hill. The only issue with that is the main road which crosses before reaching the High school…Probably not the best idea I have ever had…but timing is everything at that critical conjunction.DSC05815

Fresh veggies !!!

Here is the loot!

Here is the loot!

Stir fry with the veggies.

            Stir fry with the veggies.                                

Next steps: Work on food photography as the dish tasted amazing but the photo doesn’t do it justice. : (

Saturday, there was a market from Quebec sponsored by Carrefour in Iqaluit. We stood in line for over an hour, lined up at the back entrance of Nakusuk school, but with friends and a good sense of humor the time passed so quickly that I doubted my watch was working correctly. By the time we got close to the food, we were so excited. It is sort of strange but the sight of fresh vegetables can do that to me now! Here is a photo of what we bought for approximately 45$. The next photo below shows how we used it in our stir-fry, delicious!!!

Beautiful skies and snow dusted mountains

 the snow brings out the elevations of the mountains

Here are some photos of the mountains on the other side of the bay which are now covered in a light dusting of snow. With the snow covering the height of them is more defined. Too bad that it is difficult to get the lighting just right, as the sun’s rays were peering through the clouds but the rock in front of us is so black.

IWe tried really hard so if you can try to imagine …the sun’s rays shining down on the mountains, the stillness of the water in the bay and the sheer magnitude of distance and beauty that exists even though at times it looks like the planet mars.


We headed for the eastern community of Apex to get rewarded with the epic view below:

Pnorama at Apex beach

Taxis in Iqaluit

A teacher colleague was telling us about her experience taking the taxi, as we have our own SUV and never need a taxi. A ride anywhere in Iqaluit costs around 8 dollars. It doesn’t matter if you are going next door or to the other side of town. As well, if there are other people along the route who need a taxi ride… well, they’ll pick them up too because that is the nice thing to do but don’t expect to pay less. Her favorite thing about the taxi rides is saying where she would like to go, especially if that means that she can say home which is on the Road to Nowhere. The driver will let his dispatch know that “he is going Nowhere”… too funny! I have started to say that I live on the Road to Nowhere …. going somewhere – I hope! : )