Three day blizzard

We survived our first three day blizzard. It was definitely one of a kind as things rarely come to a complete halt here in the north. One could feel the wind push against the building and feel the cool air but the oil heat kept us toasty warm. We only had a minor issue of no water for a short part of a day due to a break in a utilidor (above ground water and sewage distribution system unique to Nunavut). It makes one all the more grateful for all we have and easpecially that we are not on trucked water as many others in Nunavut.

blizzard parkinglotOur parking lot -Many SUV’s were buried under the large mounds of drifting snow.
 wheres my suvOur SUV was tucked under a blanket of snow.
 stop sign snow depthCan you see the disappearing stop sign?

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